It’s been over 10 years that Angel Vazquez from Puebla has taken the flavors from different parts of the world like Morocco, Thailand Greece and of course México among others to sophisticated palates eager to engage in a new gastronomical journey with flavors, texture and colors along with research and creativity expressed in the restaurant.

He graduate from Instituto Culianario de México in 1999 obtaining the degree of MA in gastronomy and food and beverage management, Angel continued his professional education in schools like École Lenôtre and École Ferrandi, both in Paris, as well as Lyon and all the way to Thailand. Chef Angel Vazquez. also worked in restaurants around the world at some MICHELLIN AWARDED PLACES IN N.Y., PARIS AND BARCELONA.

In his professional experience and banquet, Angel has been ambassador of Poblana kitchen to serve great personalities in places like Madrid, Berlin, Peru , Chicago, San Francisco , Luxembourg , Singapore, Jakarta and The Vatican, always representing his Poblana-Mexican kitchen with the contemporary view that represents it.

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