Intro’s cuisine seeks to promote the inclusion of different cultures through respect for varying traditions, as it remains flexible, and dynamic, in their interpretation.

The chef ’s strategy implies evoking a territory or food-culture based on using its emblematic flavors rather than focusing rigorously on traditional recipes.

Intro is the restaurant that brought fame to Angel Vázquez, in Mexico and abroad. The diversity of flavor he proposes is an alternative that has enriched and stimulated the dynamism of Puebla’s culinary scene.

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Angel Vázquez

Angel Vázquez

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Since 2003, Mexican chef Angel Vázquez brings flavors from places like Morocco, Thailand and France to the Puebla tables. His restaurant Intro - Angel’s first gastronomic endeavor - became, from its conception, a disruptive proposal that offered new alternatives in a city where traditional Poblana or Spanish cuisine establishments predominated.


Gina de la Mora

Gina de la Mora

An essential figure in the universe of chef Angel Vázquez's restaurants, Gina de la Mora is the sommelière of the group. Gina studied aviation in the United States, where she lived for three years. In 2004 she met Angel Vázquez, whom she married, three years later she started managing intro. Her love for winemaking soon led her to be in charge of the restaurant’s wine list. She's put together an original selection featuring vintages from Spain, France, the US, Chile, Argentina and Australia, wines that satisfy—and surprise—even the most demanding palates.

Atlixcáyotl 3246, San Martinito, 72825 Tlaxcalancingo, Pue.

[email protected] I (222) 296 6001

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